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Laugh all you want, but Agnes Muhl has no doubts about what she, her husband and her mother saw in the front yard of their Thurmont vacation home eight years ago. Well, as luck would have it, my co worker took this very nice pic of a mature female mountain lion last week just south of Uniontown Pa. To visit any of the states for which we have already compiled information, click on the states listed below. The cat, which she believes is a mountain lion, ran off into some nearby woods. People even report House Cats as mountain lions in a surprising number of cases. It was bloody and the hair was a mess around its head. var today = new Date() Body coloration can range from tan to gray and cubs are usually covered with blackish brown spots. Youd think that with the distinctive white head and tail of adult eagles no one could foul up on it, but Therres says, We receive reports of bald eagles that turn out to be ospreys, hawks, black-backed gulls and even pigeons.. Evidence could include the body of a dead mountain lion or a live wild-captured animal; photos or video, in which a mountain lion can be identified and MassWildlife can confirm the location; DNA evidence from hair, scat, etc. A regional wildlife biologist with the Department of Natural Resources' Forest, Park and Wildlife Service, he says mountain lions were hunted into extinction by the people who settled Maryland. Some believe a mountain lion may be lurking in northwest Washington. Please let us know how we can improve this page. From DS:I also spotted a mountain lion on Almonesson Rd Deptford NJ about 1 am. Reported Mountain Lion In Maryland Park Actually A Coyote , Mountain Lion Population (In Each U.S. State) Wildlife , Whiting Ranch remains closed with near-daily mountain lion , Video Evidence of a Cougar or Mountain Lion in Fallston , Confirmed Mountain Lion Reports | Missouri Department of , Mountain lions in little old Maryland? When the deer in those days were shot into near oblivion by market hunters, the cougar apparently looked for greener pastures elsewhere. They are also known as pumas, cougars and panthers. After reading your article I'm not so sure, maybe she really did see them. This program continued in Arizona until roughly fifty years ago. I live in Holland Township NJ. Yes, they have been here for years. While they haven't confirmed it is a mountain lion, they say it could very well be one. Invalid password or account does not exist. I wish I had turned around and taken photos but, where it was located, it would have taken me too long. Not valid with other promotions. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. The same spot, just trying to get to my donkeys late at night. Photo of a mountain lion taken by a game camera and a kill site of an 80 lb. The buzzards returned in late February, and Steve Pollick says you can mark your calendar by these scavengers exploits. People from all parts of the city are posting accounts. They definitely are here! Now man is encroaching into more remote parts of the state, forcing the cougars out of their hiding places, Mr. Lutz says. It was about 12:30 at night. And so does the state. This content is restricted to subscribers of "I couldn't believe my eyes. -Anyone bitten by a mountain lion must immediately seek medical attention for rabies shots unless the biting animal can be captured and tested for rabies. / CBS Baltimore. Forget Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster. The state classed mountain lions as endangered in 1972 and banned all hunting of them. 10K views, 19 likes, 0 loves, 83 comments, 20 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from KMBC 9: LIVE: Authorities search the area after a possible mountain lion was spotted in Greenbelt Park, Maryland.. Then it turned and went back into the woods. I had made calls to many different agencies and either I was told I was wrong or no one would return my calls. There is also a small population in southern Florida. I know it is not technically in maryland but I highly doubt this cat knows where the state line is located and stays on the Pa. side all the time. I was told to call animal control. Mountain lion fur is unspotted and tan-brown . A lock icon ( number of folks to write about their encounters. Contact Laura Jean Schneider at, Mountain lions leave bloody path in Clifton, {child_flags:featured}Co-existing with nature, -The scientific name given to mountain lions is Puma concolor, meaning cat of one color.. Many believe mountain lions still exist in Pennsylvania. It was killed in management Zone D, area 10, which appears to be mostly in Coconino County. In comparison to our GSD, I estimated it to be around 70lbs. AZGFD sold 11,851 tags in 2021; 260 mountain. Cougars must be identified by having been captured, found dead, or the investigators must have seen definite tracks or other evidence. Many believe mountain lions still exist in Pennsylvania. Nowadays, many reports include photographic evidence, thanks to camera phones and trail cameras. In 1996 MDC established a Mountain Lion Response Team (MLRT) with specially trained staff to investigate reports and evidence of mountain lions. In an article in the Maryland Natural Resource magazine, Therres mentions that reports of cougar sightings come from every sector in the state as if were overrun with the big cats. While the initial video got all of the attention, Soto posted a second video, too, showing a pack of hounds looking for scent in the area when the lion was sighted. So, thanks to all who reached out, and to all who are as fascinated about this subject as I am. The report stated that a woman spotted a mountain lion in Greenbelt. The animals, which weight between 90 and 160 pounds and range over a large territory for food, have not left tracks that could be verified by wildlife experts. Mountain lion hunting season opened Aug. 13, and remains so until May 31, 2023. I feel vindicated. ; track sets or photos of track sets; other tangible physical evidence verified by qualified professionals. Another sighting was on Storms Ave in Haskell NJ. I had people bash us for telling our story - but we've never wavered. What does the perfect setup look like for spring steelhead? Definitely, a mountain lion after I googled the print.Some years ago there was a really bad coyote problem at the Wawayanda State Park. A mountain lion, seen above, was sighted on Ash Street in Webster Sunday. "If there is a wild population, it is very tiny, and they are able to live and die without any evidence of them being here," Mr. document.write(year) From D:My wife came home a couple of years ago and told me she saw two cougars crossing Range Road, a joint jurisdiction road between Fort Dix and Browns Mills, NJ, I told her they must have been something else. Our wildlife research team decided to help take the mystery out of the sighting by going to the location and comparing the size of the animal to stationary objects in the frame as well as a human subject. This mountain lion was documented by DNA samples from Minnesota and Wisconsin between December 2009 and early 2010. Heres how to pull big bluegills from Iowas West Lake Okoboji, A look at some other ways to call in a spring gobbler, How to catch and cook whitefish and tullibees, Nows the time to savor the fruits of the hunting experience. A pretty severe thunderstorm had just ended so for the afternoon it was quite dark. Then in late August, a woman reported seeing a mountain lion on her drive between Millville and Avalon. Jeff Mulhollem. In Zone J, area 24A, which is close to the border of Graham and Gila counties, a 2-year-old lion, a 3-year-old lion and one of indeterminate age were killed in 2021. In certain situations, the similarities in the silhouette are remarkable. adroll_adv_id = "T6XR4YM2C5FGXNZIDZPFXI"; One can easily imagine that they might decide to not report the loss. Please give us a call at 928-428-2560, Copyright An adult male mountain lion can have a home range greater than 100 square miles. It was late October and leaves were mostly down on our 500+ acre site. "We do not have a population of mountain lions." Fishers had been in decline due to development and loss of habitat, but DNR is reporting that their numbers are now increasing and are prevalent. There are two records of mountain lions in Massachusetts thatmeet the evidence requirements. A debate ensued over whether the animal was a rare and incredible sighting of a cougar (either an extinct eastern cougar or western cougar that traveled a great distance outside of their known range) or just a large domestic house cat that appeared larger than it was due to the weather conditions and perspective. Mountain lions dont usually travel more than 100 miles from where they are born. "I'm really positive.". It was tan and the most amazing part of this animal was its tail. Click here to login. As of Sept. 7, 12 animals have been tagged statewide thus far. Meanwhile, if mountain lion sightings are on your wish list, go to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, even California, to mention some of the western states where the American panther is in good supply. Please use caution. "I believe that they're there," says a Baltimore County police officer, who claims he saw a cougar in Ruxton in 1980. In the '70s, Jungle Habitat was located here in West Milford. The next thing we see is this cat. I mentioned it to several coworkers and nobody believed me! After the male mountain lion was removed from Red Hill Trail on May 11, additional sightings in that area were reported: one on May 16, and two over the weekend of May 19 and 20. It was an event I can remember like it was yesterday. About 4 years ago I saw the whole mountain lion. Another cougar buff, zoologist Donald Linzey, has collected 250 reports of mountain lions in Virginia over 11 years and believes 85 are credible. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Your account has been registered, and you are now logged in. Mountain lions are helpful in maintaining order in our ecosystem and assist to keep other wildlife numbers in check. . Mountain Lions are the largest predators currently in Rocky Mountain National Park. We are both members of the Walpack Historical Society. These tracks were fresh and well photographed. This was on January 25 at around 5:30 pm. How can a diminutive pigeon ever look like a majestic bald eagle? There is no indication of population decline, the department said. The Fort Worth Star-Telegraph reports on a mountain lion sighting in April 2022. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. A resident called police about 8:30 p.m. to report what they believed was a mountain lion seen by multiple people along the Gedern Trail, which runs through the Gedern Estates subdivision and connects to the GM&O Heritage Trail along the former railroad right-of-way in Columbia. One year just a few years ago I was driving down the road and a good half mile up the road from me after coming around the S bends on Hesstown Road. Saw one in Warren County in 2007 & 2008 while camping. Though the government states the species is extinct, hundreds of sightings are still reported on a daily basis, particularly after the 2011 sighting of an Eastern mountain lion in Greenwich, Conn. The first one in recent history was in 2008 . What drew me to it was the seeming paws. We had just finished setting up the stuff on the driveway and were just sitting enjoying the silence when we both spotted what looked like a giant cat across the street on the edge of the field near the tree line. elk calf with characteristics of a mountain lion kill. (#08) We just wanted to inform you all that during our trip to the Snowshoe ski resort in West Virginia we sighted a mountain lion at a nearby field. Using DNA and physical evidence, state environmental officials said they determined that the animal . A number of years ago, a friend and I were driving around Walpack, which is part of The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. l then got to thinking about a description, the color is rather unique. The 2020 wildfires that ravaged California also affected mountain lion populations, killing an estimated 300 to 600 of them. The woman reported seeing the animal along a path around 3 p.m. She told U.S. Park Police it was tall enough to come up to her waist, but didn't seem aggressive. No doubt we were lookin' at a Mt. Me and my friend are trying to put together a list/map of sightings in MD. Last year he recorded 11 cougar sightings in Maryland, 38 in Pennsylvania and six in Virginia. Officers will patrol the neighborhood Friday. The mountain lion was lying down in the snow. It doesn't make sense to me that they wouldn't be in those areas considering anything prevents them from crossing state lines especially since they can swim and the Delaware river is often shallow enough to walk across in a lot of spots. The report stated that a woman spotted a mountain lion in Greenbelt Park, WUSA9 confirmed Tuesday. She was driving home from a shopping trip last spring when she spotted a large animal crossing Cuba Road in Northern Baltimore County. All rights reserved. It was about 6 or 7 years ago. I will say I've received reports from all around the state but several of the reports seem to be in the same area: West Milford in the northern part of the state. There is no evidence of a reproducing mountain lion population in Massachusetts. - U.S. Park Police responded to Greenbelt Park in Prince George's County, Maryland Tuesday after a woman said she saw a mountain lion in the area. "As always, if you leave wildlife alone and respect it, the wildlife will reciprocate," she wrote. They vary in size and weight, with males reaching up to 200 pounds and eight feet in length (one-third of their length is the tail). Pigeons? The most recent sighting of a mountain lion in a Randallstown field Tuesday has revived claims that cougars aren't extinct in Maryland. Advertisement Rauch said the bobcat probably traveled down the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal from. (I don't know if it's right, but for me the two terms are interchangeable. l went around a tight right bend and, 100 feet up, walking the same way was a cougar. All rights reserved (About Us). Pittstown resident scared to death last summer outside my house when I went to go feed my donkeys. It was at the edge of the woods and it looked like it was just after a kill. There have been at least two other sightings in the same area. . From JK:I had a mountain lion bounding across Weldon Road Jefferson Township Morris County about 75 yards in front of me. Unconfirmed sightings of mountain lions and panthers do persist in Maryland, according to the state Department of Natural Resources website. I heard a lot of animal screaming and it seemed to be getting closer to my property. Purported mountain lion sighting causes stir FALLING WATERS Fliers and a plywood sign warning of purported sightings of a mountain lion near the area where two miniature horses and a donkey were killed in recent animal attacks caused a stir for local residents Tuesday, but authorities say there's no definitive indication such an animal is in the area. From PD:Read your article about mountain lions in NJ. -Only California bans regulated harvest of mountain lions, with all other states maintaining regulated hunting seasons for this species. Home Pennsylvania Opinion Search for cougarscontinues in Pennsylvania, If youre a regular reader of this publication, or one of my neighbors, then you already know my father and, A fish may see a parade of presentations go by, therefore yours should be better than the rest. Already a subscriber to From RE:Hi Joe, no one believed me but back in about 1986 I was. If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. They used to roam the entire continent, but have become extinct in most US states. An adult male bobcat can reach four feet in length and 35-40 pounds. The latest sighting happened Wednesday afternoon, according to a News4 viewer who says she spotted the animal near the Beltway exit to Connecticut Avenue. I do have footprint pics in snow from Califon definitely not your usual coyote. At first, I wasn't sure what I was seeing since I never expected to see a mountain lion, as we mostly see turkeys and other birds behind our house, or an occasional bear, deer, or fox. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites.

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