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Murray, at one point we did consider Caplan as an Acadian when he was "unknown", hence his Mi'kmaq wife was in the Acadian project and she was on the list of indigenous people married to Acadians. Bernard | Metis, Algon., Chippewa, Maliseet, Micmac, Abenaki, Cree, Iroq., Fr. Phone: (510) 832-0311. It involves changing an ancestor's identity to fit one's current desire to shift. Gaultier = Gotchy Marsha=Mercier Of course most Acadian families are of French origin. | Reply, Hello Mark, So, I think that we have to allow for discovery in other groups. Boileau = Drinkwater Terrien = Therrien Ind. Most of the surnames are derived from the official Metis Nation of Ontario project, but I've . Sometimes their actual surname is known, occasionally they were given a name, and even more often their surname is Unknown. Gingras = Jangraw, Shangraw, Is Marie David, being a descendant of Unknown Mi'kmaq,an Acadian? Godreau = Goodroe/Gaudreau Courtemanche = Shortsleeves Perr(e)ault = Perro These are all the families known to us who were (or, who might have been) among the approximately 13,000 Acadians involved in the Dispersion, whether deported or displaced in that tragic occurrence. Among these exceptional families of Basque origin (Arosteguy, Bastarache, Ozelet) as well as one that is Spanish (Gousman) and two that are Portuguese (Mirande, Rodrigue). Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Categories to add Pierre GENDREAU HTU Sheni = Chainey [[Category:Mi'kmaq]] (LogOut/ Davis | Metis, Assin., BC, Cayuga, Iroq., Mohawk, Oneida, Onon., Salt. I would love your opinion : ), Comment by Jennifer | For genealogical purposes the absence for the early period of the records of marriages, or marriage contracts which normally form the most reliable sources of such information, is the chief difficulty one encounters. Even in the case of those for no precise origin is known, proof of this is given in many instances, by the Dclarations of the Acadians settled on Belle-Ile-en-Mer, wherein a substantial number of the first ancestors to live in Acadia, are uniformly described as having come from France (for example, Babin, Blanchard, Daigre, Dupuis, Terriot). Sebastien | Abenaki, Algonquin, Blackfoot, Innu Montagnais, Mixed-heritage: Algonquin Fr. Denis Beauregard Jeangra(s)w = Gingras [ Aubois DNA studies] Accessed DATE., citation: Rundquist, Marie. I expect to be using mostly mtDNA Confirmations from Mothers of Acadia and from Quebec mtDNA. Sanderson | Metis, Chippewa, Cree, Scot. de St-Pierre = Dessin-Pierre Levick = Levesque Jack | Metis, BC First Nations, Cree, Iroquois (? Rouillard = Rouiar The Mothers of Acadia Maternal DNA project conducts ongoing research to verify their origins. Pecor = Picard Reno = Renault/Renaud 8839 N. Cedar Ave. #212, Fresno, CA, 93720. The sticker can be added to all descendants no matter how far down. March 16, 2020 We do not assign names ourselves. Ploof = Plouffe Duchaine = Duchesne Angel Lantiegne Lund, There are so many posts to prepare Ill try and move the Lanteignes up the cue , Hello Evelyn, I recently found a Baptism Record for my Husbands 3rd great Grandmother on his Mothers side and I am not sure if I am reading it correctly., run by Dr Paul Maloney. Johnston / Johnstone Metis, BC First Nations,Blackfoot, Mixed: Ojib., Eng., Fr., Scot. Gero = Giroux Tremblay | Metis, Cree, Iroquois, Malecite, Montagnais,Fr. Beaudoin = Boardwine My Great-grandfather Leo Chester Cunningham who married Lydia Hill said Sophie was the beginning of our Mohawk Turtle Clan Ancestry. Bolack = Beaulac Phaneuf = Farnsworth Boutain = Button Lefave = Bean, Lafave Dominic Gagnon A couple can be married persons or persons having a child. If someone has both, Metis Nation and a known nation from another parent, both tags may be used. Tout droits rserv. There are also several Irish families (Caissy/Casey, Gunard/Gainer, Long, Onel/ONeale), three English (Druce, Granger, Hensaule/Henshaw), one Scottish (Jeanson/Johnson), one Flemish (Pitre), one from the Channel Islands (Semer), and even one from Croatia (Mathieu). These included the names of the families with the most numerous descendants such as theLeBlancs, the Landrys, the Heberts, the Boudrots and the Richards. OGR includes information about Guillaume Capelan m. Unknown Mi'kmaq and their descendants, including Johannes Becker m. Marie David Shontelle = Chantal Lang(ue)do(e) = Lanctt Denno = Denault I have a few surnames in my family tree listed on your site. You might want to leave another comment under that post so the right people see your comment. "The Quebec yDNA Project studies the ancestral signatures typical of the pioneers that originally settled the St. Lawrence Valley. These change frequently so the date is important, Fill in the date accessed as these data may change, Fill in the date accessed and the update date which is currently May 2020, as these data may change, Fill in the page (very helpful to others as the pages are not otherwise indicated) and date accessed, as these data change, Enter the date you accessed this, and a page number of found. Brown | Metis, BC, Chip, Cree, Mississ. Cedula, Courville, Desmarais, Langevin, Pedrement, Ach, Ache, Hach, Hache, Harch, Harchey, Alain, Alen, Alin, Allain, Allen, Allin, Halin, Hlne, Alarie,Alary, Grandalary, Grantalarie, Halari, Halarie, Halary, Lary, Beaulieu, Lafontaine, Laroche, Perot, St-Aignan, St-Vincent, Alair, Alaire, Aler, Alere, Allair, Allaire, Aller, Halaire, Halere, Hallaire, Baril, Barrire, Labarre, Lart, Lavergne, Longpr, Bocage, Hautmny, Larpinire, Lincour, Neuville, Villeneuve, Vincelot, Amireau, Amireault, Mero, Miraud, Mirau, Miraux, Mireau, Mireault, Moreau, Arceneau, Arcenault, Arcenaux, Arceneau, Arsenau, Arsenault, Arsenaut, Arseneaut, Arseneaux, Archambau, Archambaud, Archambaux, Archambeau, Archambeault, Archambaux, Arshambo, Archampbeault, Gervais, Guibord, Janot, Sdilot, St-Martin, DeGasp, DelaChenaye, Duforillon, Forillon, Lachesnaye, Latousche, Baril, Godin, Houle, Lefebvre, Prville, St-Laurent, Bariau, Bariault, Barieau, Barillault, Barrillaut, Barillon, Barillot, Bario, Barrio, Boisvert, Laforest, Lamarche, Potvin, Thibodeau, Bartelemy, Barthelemi, Barthelemy, Berthelemy, Baudoin, Baudouin, Beaudoin, Beaudouin, Bodoin, Bodouin, Bowdoin, Baudereau, Baudrau, Baudrault, Baudreau, Baudriau, Baudrio, Baudro, Beaudreau, Beaudro, Bodreau, Albert, Bertrand, Dierc, Gourdeau, Hudon, Lebel, Martin, Montpellier, Philippe, Angard, Crespin, Guillemot, Malboeuf, Normandin, Rousseau, Sylvestre, Belang, Belanger, Belenger, Bellang, Bellanger, Bellenger, Bonsecours, Brisson, Delienne, Michand, St-Jean, Chevrefils, Gagnon, Germain, Goguet, Goyer, Lefebvre, Levasseur, Rotureau, Asselin, Bonneville, Gat, Gordiena, Remy, Abel, Labont, Laforest, Laguerre, Livernois, Berger, Brouillet, Fontaine, Hinse, Jolicoeur, Lajoie, Lariviere, Dauphin, Jean de Paris, Lamarzelle, Rigaud, Verbois, Barthiaume, Bertaume, Berthaume, Bertheaume, Berthiaume, Berthiome, Bertiaume, Bertiome, Geoffroy, Godin, Lafosse, Noel, Pelletier, Bartrand, Berterand, Bertran, Bertrand, Bertrant, Beaulieu, Desrochers, Durocher, Lafleur, St-Arnaud, Toulouse, Bilaudau, Bilaudeau, Bilaudeaux, Bilaudo, Bileaudeau, Billaudeau, Billodeau, Billodo, Bilodau, Bilodeau, Bilodo, Bilodos, Belair, Bienvenu, Blais, Lajeunesse, Lavigne, Lefebvre, Avon, Berneche, Bilmer, Bonneau, Lapierre, Leclerc, Bouchard, Despres, Germain, Gurin, Talon, Belleville, Dorval, Ouellet, Saucier, St-Pierre, Vallee, Barbel, Belleville, De Boucherville, De Grosbois, De Labroquerie, Delabruere, Demontbrun, De Niverville, Denois, Desrosiers, Baudria, Baudrias, Beaudria, Bodria, Boudria, Boudrias, Boudrau, Boudraut, Boudreau, Boudro, Boudrot, Boudreaux, Boudraux, Boulang, Boulanger, Leboulanger, Leboullanger, Boulai, Boulait, Boulay, Boul, Boulet, Boulette, Boull, Boullet, Borbeau, Bourbau, Bourbaut, Bourbeau, Bourbeaux, Bourbonais, Bourbonnais, Bourbonnois, Bourbonois, Bourbonier, Bourboniere, Bourbonnier, Bourbonniere, Bourgau, Bourgault, Bourgaut, Bourgos, Bourgot, Brau, Braud, Brault, Breau, Breault, Bro, Brod, Bros, Brost, Brox, Brasau, Brasault, Braseau, Braso, Brasot, Brasseau, Brazau, Brazeau. Dussault = Deuso, Farnsworth = Phaneuf Dry=DeRye, DHery, Tammy, Please add "Mallet, Victorin M., Ph.D., "Evidences decommunauts mtisses autour de la baie des Chaluers. Laf(f)ler = Lafleur Jacques | Abenaki, Amalecite, Iroquois, Mikmaq, Ojibwa, Janvier | Metis, Chipewyan, Dene FEB 2023, Jean, John, Johnny | BC First Nations, Chippewa, Cree, Delaware, Salish, Shushwap, Slavey, Johnson | Metis, Cayuga, Chip., Mikmaq,Mohawk, Six Nations, Tusc. john pawlowski obituary; how to prevent albinism during pregnancy; honeyglow pineapple vs regular pineapple; nickelodeon live show tickets; goway travel liquidation Bernier | Metis, Mixed-heritage: Montagnais, Bisson, Besson | Metis, Cree Mixed-heritage, Blandion (Dion, Dionne) | Metis, Cree, Iroquois. Each nation reaches its own judgement about membership based on its own nations knowledge, traditions and community circumstances. Your email address will not be published. Comment by Sheryl Ann Wilson | More about Metis can be found on this page. Purchases of Family Tree downloads can be uploaded to MyHeritage so you can easily build out your family tree no matter what type of computer you are on. Lunderville = Landreville Goodheart = Bunker, Boncoeur Pelkey = Pelletier Now Through Feb 14th. Fuller = Fournier, Gaboury=Gabourie, Gabori, Gadourie She was married to Francois Pilon; I believe his middle name was Xavier. Citation: White, S. A. Sans Laurent = St. Laurent The term "Acadians" refers to immigrants from France in the early 1600s who settled in the colony of Acadia, in what are now the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Dpartement d'histoire-gographie, facult des arts et des sciences sociales, Universit de Moncton. Deschamps = Fields, Dechand, DuChen Hello Roger, I also rely upon Mothers of Acadia and the Quebec yDNA and mtDNA projects. Limit 20 per day. includes information about the Maloney family, including William Moloney's in-laws (Johannes Becker m. Marie David). Please share with me any updates. D. "vidence de communauts mtisses autour de la baie des Chaleurs: D'hier aujourd'hui", paperback. Lajeunesse = Young Index: Indigenous, Metis & Mixed-Heritage Surname Anchor Posts, Allan, Allen | BC First Nations, Cree, Metis, Micmac, Mohawk, Shushwap, Brook, Brooks | BC First Nations, Dennay / Dene, Haida, Malecite / Maliseet, Mikmaq, Saulteaux, Wyandotte. Rochefort = Rockford, Rochfort, Rochford . Audet(te) = Odet(te) Demarey = Demarais Administrators Benoit = Benway Frappier = Frappiea Potvin = Pudvah The goal of this project is to create a series of mini-indexes that make it easier to access information about surnames on this site that are associated with indigenous, Metis or mixed-heritage individuals. Deaette = Deyette Teboh = Thibeau Danis = Dany, Downey I am going through Tanguay's listing of "dit" names & spelling variations he has . Shequin = Chicoine Comment by Marshal Robin | Accessed DATE.

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, Citation: Jean, Denis. Print. Acadian and Amerindian Ancestry DNA Project. Click here to go to MyHeritage to get started today! Prue = Proulx Patenaude = Patno(de) The results page for Quebec ADNy includes kits whose Earliest Known Ancestors includes at least 17 examples of people who were born and/or died in "Acadie". See Business license Flyer Below. Paradis = Paradee There are several other mtDNA groups that include C1c kits, but I haven't, yet, felt the need to rely upon them. February 13, 2022 The following list consists of the names of all families, including those of couples who left no surviving descendants, who resided in continental Acadia between 1700 and 1755. Greenwood = Boisvert Larivire = Rivers Some of these may have come from France, also as I said Acaidian, through New Foundland to La. This index is a list of links to information about Metis surnames that are present in Ontario and which originated primarily with the Metis of western and central Canada. Ostiguy = Austin Unknown is better than a made-up name. Trudeau | Metis, Ojibway, Ottawa, First Nations, Villebrun | Metis, Ojibway, Cree, French, Villeneuve | Metis, Montagnais, Slavi, Mixed Cree, Vincent | Metis, Abenaki, Algonquin, Cree, Huron, Iroquois, Ojibway, Otchipas, Saulteaux, Walker | Metis, BC First Nations, Chip., Cree, Iro., Mikmaq, Six Nations, White | Metis, Assiniboine, BC First Nations, Cree, Delaware, Iroquois, Powawatomi, Saulteaux, Six Nations, Whitford | Metis, Beaver, Cree, English, William, Williams | BC First Nations, Chip., Cree, Inuit (Esquimaux), Iroquois, Mikmaq, Young | Metis, Assin., Chippewa, Cree, Mikmaq, Ojibway, Sioux, Six Nations, Your email address will not be published. Lef(f)ler = Lafleur | Reply, Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | Categories: Acadians Project Free Space Pages | Acadians Project | Acadians, WIKITREE HOME | ABOUT | G2G FORUM | HELP | SEARCH. The goal of this project is to create a series of mini-indexes that make it easier to access information about surnames on this site that are associated with indigenous, Metis or mixed-heritage individuals. Roy = King Revisiting Anne Marie: How an Amerindian Woman of Seventeenth-Century Nova Scotia and a Dna Match Redefine American Heritage. Dominic Gagnon Thus, in the dozen years that followed, local authorities relaxed restrictions on trading with . Let's discuss that. Tourangeau | Cree, Salteaux, Chippewyan,Metis. MARIE married Nicolas (Fronsac) DENYS Abt 1701. Tarien = Therrien Fournier = Fuller October 23, 2022 Posted by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | The Quebec ADNmt Project is an independent project, which however benefits from generous sponsors and support from organizations such as the American Canadian Genealogical Society (ACGS), the Fdration des associations de famille du Qubec (FAFQ) and the Socit d 'histoire des Filles du Roy (SHFR). Lonto = Lanct Fontaine = Fountain/Spring Perro = Perr(e)ault Renaud/Renault = Reno Couture, Lacouture | Metis, Mixed: Montagnais, Craddock | Metis, Mixed-heritage: Chippewa, Crow + | Metis, BC, Black., Blood, Cayuga, Chip., Cree, Dakota, Ojibway, Sarcee, Saul., Six Nations, Cunningham | Chippewa, Cree, Metis Feb 2023, Daniel, Daniels | BC First Nations, Chipewyan, Chippewa, Cree, Metis, Ojibway, Salish, Saulteaux, Sioux, Atikamekw / Tete de Boule FEB 2023. Dumas=Demers, Demars . was a Canadian First Peoples and member of the Mi'kmaq Nation. Tro(t)tier=Trotchie, Trutchie, Trouchia A number of names on the list would be immediately recognized as Acadian names everywhere Acadians have settled. This was a first marriage for Richard Denys. Laliberte | Metis, Chippeway, Mixed Cree, Fr. Levoy = Lavoie Cindy Borque sent me the following, which I think should be incorporated here: Thank you, Murray, I added the two we didn't have. Grigwire = Grgoire Gebo = Gibeau(lt) Boisvert = Greenwood Penobscots and Abekani were found in the early settlements of Acadie, in southern New Brunswick and what is now Maine. Each First Nation and Metis organization has its own experts for that purpose. My relative Sophie Lavigne+dit-Tessier married George Dean. The previously "unknown" Caplan" is now Guillaume Caplan who came to Quebec. Hello,friends. | First Nations Mixed Heritage, list of Ontario Metis surnames, the Metis of Ontario. For your reference, the Metis (with a capital M) are based in the West, and in Ontario. In the time of Acadie the French used the word mtis to describe someone of mixed French and indigenous ancestry. Quesse=Caisse, Rabtoy/Robtoy = Robitaille Duchene = Duchesne Lafloor = Lafleur Bushey = Boucher Greenia = Grenier In this database, Metis or Mtis means any person having both Native (or aboriginal) and European blood. Noleggio; Soppalchi in carpenteria metallica; Scaffalature cantilever Such a list cannot but be incomplete, due to the loss during Dispersion or subsequently of a substantial number of the documentary sources that would normally identify the individuals who made up the Acadian population throughout the half century. Grgoire = Grigwire Gareau = Garrow Veron=Verron, Varon, Biron Paronto = Parenteau Mitchell | Metis, Algon., Chippewa,Iroq., Malecite, Mikmaq, Fr. Territory, New France through marriage between Marie Rouensa, and Michel Philippe, she was the dau. Laviolette | Metis, Chipewyan, Slavi, Mixed, Leclair, Leclerc | Metis, Algon., Amer. Branconnier = Brockney Their immediate descendants were born in/around Barachois, Gaspe. ." Trudeau = Trudo Hamelin | Metis, Cree, Salteaux, Mixed-heritage:French, Hardisty | Slavi. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hopefully you are going to add Lanteigne to this list as we go back to one of the first French men to marry Native and cross to many more native/Metis surnames. Therrien = Tarien, Terrien Moreau = Mor(r)o(w) | Reply, Need to know if Severe Labranche born 1824 was a metis, Comment by Maiden name is Lucille Maria Rose Labranche | In fact, in 1650, Catherine LeJeune, at 17 years of age, married Francois Savoie. ZIP 94607-087. Denis Beauregard Jalbert=Hulburt Known Tribes Identification on WikiTree Back to French-Canadian Descendants Discussions. Login to post. Nevertheless, the exceptions to this rule are perhaps more interesting than those conforming to the norm. The Association des Acadiens-Mtis Souriquois (AAMS) of Nova Scotia, Canada, is an Acadiens-Mtis organization; therefore, proof of Acadien and Aboriginal ancestry is required of its members. Racine = Root QC | St. Regis | Iroquois, Mohawk (1901) Index: Native Surname Census Extracts. December 10, 2019 (2020, May). Larocque = Larock, LaRock Contact the Profile Managers privately: Public Comments: Dominic | BC First Nations,Mikmaq, Innu Mont. Even before this spirit spread to Mexico, California felt the effects of the rebellions, for Spain's hard-pressed navy could not spare ships to bring supplies to the missions, presidios, and pueblos north of San Diego. Brow = Brault Root = Racine Rondeau = Rondo We aren't trying to document all Gaspesians, New Brunswick or metis people. Parizo = Pariseau Steve Gilbert (Z367 subclades) Discover your DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with our DNA kits for ancestry and the world's most comprehensive DNA database. Revisiting Anne Marie: How an Amerindian Woman of Seventeenth-Century Nova Scotia and a Dna Match Redefine American Heritage. (Added link to native americans naming page. Dont use the Metis Maritime or US coastal tags with these as these are only for the Metis Nation confirmed people. Vincelette = Vanslatte, Wellet(te) = Ouellette Bean = Lefebvre Murray, I am unfamiliar with the Quebec DNA projects. The center column (second column) contains spelling variations of the name in the first column, and only of that name.

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