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He, too, was left in a state of disrepair after the Bite of 87, becoming Withered Foxy. The Rockstar Animatronics, the Posh Pizzeria Animatronics and the Mediocre Melodies feature as buyable animatronics. Five Nights At Freddys (FNAF): Security Breach Characters Human Characters, Five Nights At Freddys (FNAF): Security Breach Characters Animatronics, Five Nights at Freddy's creator announces retirement, Coin Master Free Spins and Coins Links Daily (March 2023), Blox Fruits Codes Double XP and Money (March 2023), Pet Master Free Spins and Coins Links Daily (March 2023), GPO Codes Grand Piece Online XP Boost (March 2023). Hence, you wont really see her often in the game. The Midnight Motorist player character was a Orange Man, and the minigame featured a Yellow Man, and a grey person watching TV. WebFive Nights at Freddy's All Characters, All Animatronics & more!! This also introduced Elizabeth Afton, who was seen in the minigame. In the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, Vanessa/Vanny was also introduced. Like Freddy, he debuted in 1983, but fell into disrepair in 1987, becoming Withered Bonnie, after which he was also replaced by Toy Bonnie. There are multiple endings involving Vanny, including one that seemingly reveals her identity. This terrifying amalgamation is a part of Circus Babys plan for escape. Music Man is an unsettling animatronic with a static, grinning face, black eyes, and spider-like legs. Bonnie is another antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddys series who is the guitarist of the band. A new screenshot of In addition, he is the lead singer of the band who stands in the center of the stage. In order to narrow the search, it's recommended to look at more specific categories such as animatronics, humans or merchandisable characters. He carries the personality of a rock star down to the verbiage. This includes Shadow Freddy, Phantom Freddy, Nightmare Freddy, and many more. One of the most popular variations of Freddy is Golden Freddy. Golden Freddy is one of the biggest mysteries in the FNAF series because his origin and goals are unknown. 2. The instuctor was Cassette Man/Henry. A few items can be unlocked to help Gregory throughout his night, including the Flashlight and the Hoodie. A fox animatronic from the original game, Foxy is a little different to the other classic animatronics. In Five Nights at Freddy's 4 the Nightmare Animatronics were added: Nightmare Fredbear, Nightmare, Nightmare Freddy (and Freddles), Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Chica & Nightmare Cupcake and Plushtrap, Nightmare Balloon Boy , and the Non-Canon Halloween DLC which includes Jack-O-Bonnie, Jack-O-Chica, Nightmare Mangle and Nightmarionne. Voice actor: PJ Heywood, Henry Emily The Puppet, also known as Marionette, appears in Five Nights at Freddys 2. ( Child ) One of the most popular variations of Freddy is Golden Freddy. Keep in mind that this section contains heavy spoilers, so proceed with caution. The bite took place when his older brother and friends jokingly lifted him towards the Fredbear animatronic, of which he was already scared. When you exit the station, the lights will return to normal. You can also call Freddy to hide inside him to escape other Animatronics provided Freddy has enough batteries to move around. His face is almost completely destroyed, leaving a gaping hole of wires, two rows of teeth on his bottom jaw, and glowing red eyes, A colourful, toy-like version of Bonnie with bright blue skin, rosy red cheeks, a red bowtie, and green eyes. Foxy has multiple variations including Withered Foxy and Captain Foxy. If three Freddles appear and the player doesn't respond in time, then He has also appeared in other forms throughout the series, as seen below. On the bright side, at least Sunnydrop isnt trying to kill you! Vanny, also known as Vanessa or Ness, is implied to have originally been human by her existence in Special Delivery. Not all characters present retain their purpose from previous game in Security Breach, but they leave an indelible mark. He also holds a microphone, and has a speaker and two buttons on his chest, A miniature version of Funtime Freddy that appears as decor, Featuring the familiar Freddy design, Rockstar Freddy has brown fur, rosy red cheeks, and joints similar to Toy Freddys. We also have lists of the best Switch horror games and the best mobile horror games for even more frightful fun. They will also make an appearance in the other Five Nights at Freddys series. Similar to the other animatronics, he will try to stuff any human he says into a Freddy Fazbear suit. Through the merch for Security Breach, It is implied that Vanny and the Security Guard are the same character. Their routes are fairly defined, though the timing can be disrupted if they find you. She initially appears as a security guard but will, later on, take on her other role as Vanny. They are another set of revamped animatronics. She loses her beak and eyes when she gets off the show stage, A shadowy version of the original Chica, with charred, yellow skin that takes on a greenish-yellow hue. These are the human characters from the main FNAF series: William Afton Check out all the available characters in this new FNAF and their role in the game! Glamrock Endoskeletons are animatronics that will only move if Gregory isnt looking at them. Players can purchase them from the Smiles and Servos, Inc. Though she only appears occasionally throughout the series, seemingly quite shy and patient, she appears to look and act very similar to BB. He periodically interrupts you with advertisements for his restaurant, attracting sound-sensitive animatronics if you dont act fast enough to stop him. You first meet Sunnydrop as you make it to the childrens play area. The Shadow Animatronics resembles a ghost with an unknown place of origin. When the lights go out, Moonydrop appears and, outside of the childrens area, chases you down. As well as this, there were two more added via the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, Dreadbear and Grim Foxy. Appears in: FNAF 2, FNAF 3, Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria Simulator, Ultimate Custom Night, FNAF: Help Wanted. Chica is another antagonist and a backup singer in the Five Nights at Freddys franchise. Your email address will not be used or publish anywhere. All rights belong to their respective owners. The Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria business simulator is the new sixth part of the Five Nights at Freddys horror game which now combines two completely different genres. In Five Nights at Freddys AR: Special Delivery, Lefty is confirmed to return. ( Serial Killer ) Okay, maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but there are tons of FNAF characters nonetheless, with each having their own unique lore and varying levels of significance in the dark, weaving story of this spooky series. ( Serial Killer ) can be distracted using props. WebA list of animatronics who only exist in the continuities outside of the main Five Nights at Freddy's saga, mainly the novel trilogy and Fazbear Frights anthology. He also has an unnatural ability to cheat death, returning in multiple resurrected forms no matter how he perishes. Certain characters will also have upgrades for Freddy Fazbear, which will also be noted. Use that to your advantage to finally escape and be done with Wolf. Below, you will find a list of all of the FNAF Security Breach characters in alphabetical order. Appears in: Sister Location, Ultimate Custom Night, FNAF: Help Wanted, FNAF: AR Special Delivery. They are the mascots for Fredbears Family Diner. Shes the backup singer of Freddys band, and is usually seen wearing a bib and holding a cake on a plate. Appears in: Sister Location, Ultimate Custom Night, FNAF: Help Wanted. Later on, she can be damaged by using a Monty Mystery Mix and placing it in a compactor. Head down the slide and into the ball pit to see a short scene where Sunnydrop dives off of an elevated spire and into the pit. In Security Breach, there were two humans introduced; Gregory and the unnamed Security Guard. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Five Nights at Freddys Characters ( All Characters list ), List of all Five Nights at Freddys characters, 2 List of all Five Nights at Freddys characters, Original/Unfaded Golden Freddy (unconfirmed), Unwithered-MoltenFreddy-Mask (unconfirmed), Endoskeleton Unwarred-MoltenFreddy-Mask (unconfirmed), Endoskeleton Funtime Cupcake (unconfirmed), Unfaded versions of them (4) (unconfirmed), Spring Bonnie Girlfriend/Where Carlton Got Suspension (unconfirmed). If you want to cuddle some of these beasties in plush form, check out our FNAF plush guide. Roblox Black Friday deals and mobile game bargains this year, Pokmon Violet is beating Scarlet in the popularity race, The titillating tail of Genshin Impacts Ms Hina, Gorou, and Itto, Pokmon Violets Ceruledge is catching the attention of trainers, Win a copy of Pokmon Scarlet or Violet for the holidays, Tilly Lawton A former freelance writer, Tilly loves talking about her Genshin Impact, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing obsessions every day. She is first revealed in the game talking to herself by giving herself a pep talk. Triple A Fazbear Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Alternatively, make sure to bring Freddy to charging stations to make sure that his batteries are stocked up in case you need an emergency escape! He is an animatronic bear who entertains children at Freddy Fazbears Pizza along with Bonnie and Chica. As Gregory, aside from the aforementioned ability to hide in Fazbear, you can also hide in a multitude of spots throughout the game. Hes the lead singer of the restaurants band, and was one of the original animatronics in the pizzeria back when Freddy Fazbears Pizza opened in 1983. Appears in: Sister Location, Ultimate Custom Night, FNAF: Help Wanted, FNAF AR: Special Delivery. Since then, she has made many different appearances, as seen below. Unlike the other major animatronics, damaging or deconstructing Montgomery Gator requires more steps than just collecting an item and using it. WebF. Your first encounter with them is a bit chaotic as you have to eventually evade a horde of them in narrow spaces, only made worse with the amount of turns and doors needing to be switched open. While he admits he cannot explain why hes helping you, his assistance is valuable and critical nonetheless. DJ Musicman is the largest animatronic youll encounter in the game. Mangle is a heavily damaged fox animatronic, redesigned as Fazbear Entertainment considered Foxys design to be too threatening. Of the three animatronic baddies, she tends to appear more frequently and in more cramped areas. He becomes the main antagonist and only physical animatronic featured in FNAF 3, and later appears in various forms throughout the series. Category:Fazbear Frights: Characters. She's a huge fan of RPGs and indies, and knows more about Roblox than she likes to admit. Creator of the franchise, Scott Cawthon, considers Bonnie to be the scariest animatronic in the game and has said he's even had multiple nightmares surrounding the rabbit. Its initially sleeping in its DJ station but youll need to wake it up by turning on the generators. With these claws, Fazbear can break through locked gates with the yellow chains around them. Currently, its not known whether the Nightmare Animatronics are in the FNAF lore. They give you a jump scare, making you think securitys going to sound the alarm, but instead just hold out a map for you to collect. There are several versions of the S.T.A.F.F. An alternate version of the Bidybabs called Electrobab sometimes appears in the Custom Night version of Sister Location. WebA new screenshot of Shattered Monty that is shown on the Steam Page. They have an Endo-02 endoskeleton, which is more detailed than Endo-01. Here are all the different versions of Foxy and Mangle that appear throughout the games. While they cannot cause a game over, they will sound an alarm that, if they are near, will draw one or more of the three main animatronic foes. Railway Park - Featuring Thomas and Oliver, List of Pikachufreak's Thomas US VHS ideas (based on Shining Time Station), The Mouse Ears on FreeForm (2016 American Block), Pikachufreak's List of Thomas and Friends VHS/DVD ideas, Lady and the Tramp: Platinum Edition DVD Sneak Peeks, Opening to Cars 2 Disney Digital 3D 2011 Theatre, Opening to Winnie the Pooh 2011 AMC Theatres. You will need to head here as part of completing Roxy Raceway. A teaser of a boarded up door with a large purple lock. Be aware that you cannot interact with any objects while within Fazbear; only Gregory can interact with items like gift boxes and buttons. Required fields are marked *. There are two known suitsFredbear and Spring Bonnie. Plus at the end of the article, we give a little rundown of some products we chose that could keep you gaming longer, in style, and more comfortably. Below, weve listed the ones that we feel have the biggest impact on the lore and gameplay as, if we listed them all, wed be here for months! Originally known as the Cassette Man and the overarching protagonist of Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria Simulator, Henry Emily is later revealed to be the former partner of William Afton who owned Fredbears Family Diner, and helped to create the original animatronics. He appears only briefly, though he leaves a lasting impression just look at that face! You dont really have to do anything to defeat her besides watch a cut scene; its everything leading up to that point that is a pain. Shes initially shown to be uncertain when it comes to her task to kill victims, though she later overcomes this, becoming sadistic as shes further corrupted. He is replaced by archive recordings of Phone Guy. Doing so, however, will trigger her bosss fight so be careful! This was later changed, applying Burnt Foxy's textures to the jumpscare. The Security Puppet minigame features Cassette Man's daughter, Charlotte. You are not given any other information than he needs to make it to the morning when the doors open. However he is later implied in the Survival Logbook to be Michael Afton. Videos and trailers, toys and comics with its characters, their pictures and sketches from familiar games both in real performance and in the world of virtual images have gained incredible popularity. Were far beyond the core set of animatronics and the disembodied voice of phone guy at this point, and if you take the books into account, there are enough anxiety-inducing animatronics and horrifying humans to fill a small country. Once the lights go off, Sunman will trigger its split personality which goes to Moonman and will now be a hostile animatronic. The Puppet was previously an inanimate object until it was possessed by Charlotte Emily. Shining the flashlight on them will make them hide back under the bed. Shes missing an arm, and has piercing, white eyes and an open mouth showing her teeth, A monstrous variant of Chica with rows of razor-sharp teeth. You can call Fazbear to your location with L1. They first appeared inFive Nights at Freddys 4as the main antagonists. However, instead of being replaced by a standard toy version like the others, he was replaced by Mangle. With the help of Glamrock Freddy, Gregory must escape the plaza while hiding and running away from all his pursuers. This is a list of all the characters in Five Nights at Freddys: Security Breach (FNAF)! Please read our comment policy before submitting your comment. They are known to be self-aware due to their optimized AI. As a result, Elizabeth Aftons soul possessed Circus Baby, leading her to become cold, ruthless, and violent. BB and JJ were the first humanoid animatronics introduced to the chain and, in my opinion, one of the most terrifying. WebNightmarionne has one of the scariest designs in the FNAF series. The titular character for the series and the setting of Security Breach, Freddy Fazbear actually aids you in your quest to make it through the night rather than trying to kill you. She does eventually catch you in story (pictured), but after she refuses to repair Fazbear, she rarely appears for the rest of the gameor does she? He seems jolly enough, telling you the only thing you shouldnt do is turn off the lights. Lim has been quoted and referenced by major publications and media companies like WikiHow, Fast Company, HuffPost, Vice, New York Post, The Conversation, and many others. Unlike the other two, you have to avoid him while also completing another task before the cutscene occurs that results in his scrapping. You can find all the details of the FNaF colors in this article. Along with the four main characters in FNAF 1, there are hundreds of other characters in the FNAF universe. Out of all animatronics, the Puppet looks the most human-like. The characters in FNAF always keep me on my toes and make the game so much more enjoyable. This can be very useful in tight situations where you need to find space to release Gregory. Whether youve played all the games or not, youre likely aware that there are a helluva lot of FNAF characters that have made appearances in the series. If youre looking for information about the FNAF brand name, youve come to the right place. In Sister Location, the player character is nicknamed Eggs Benedict, but is later revealed to be Michael Afton. However, at the end of the game, charge stations and save stations dont work, so you will have to be quick in entering and exiting Fazbear to avoid Moonydrop. The legend of this series is gradually Revealed through voice-overs, mini-games, and Easter eggs that are part of the game. ( Former Security Guard ) The El Chip piata that appeared in Security Breach. In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, new animatronics are added: Shadow Freddy, RWQFSFASXC, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica & Toy Cupcake, Mangle, Balloon Boy, Toy Freddy, and The Puppet, as well as worn-down versions of the original animatronics known as Withered Animatronics. The restaurant designed him like a balloon vendor for the newly refurbished Freddy Fazbears Pizza in 1987. Five Nights at Freddys Security Breach: Full List of Characters, Five Nights at Freddys Security Breach: Complete Controls Guide for PS5, PS4, and Tips, Five Nights at Freddys Security Breach: How to Unlock the Flashlight, Fazer Blaster, and Faz Camera, Five Nights at Freddys Security Breach: How to Stop Roxy in Roxy Raceway and Defeat Roxanne Wolf. A brief description will follow, including if and how a character can be defeated. Follow us for Roblox, Genshin, Pokmon, and more on. One of them is a glitch or an oversight in. He appears multiple times throughout the retro segments of the series, which hint at his past and involvement with the murders. However, showing them a Party Pass at one of these locations (you will only get one Party Pass) will result in the bot doing a little dance and then letting you proceed. Mike Schmidt has yet to make further appearances outside of the first game, as he gets fired after the player beats the game. Phone Guy features in as the instructor is this game as well. After this point, its believed that he possessed the Golden Freddy animatronic (either alone or alongside Cassidy, one of the other missing children). Moonydrop is the Hyde to Sunnydrops Jekyll. If you are new to Scratchpad, and want full access as a Scratchpad editor, create an account!If you already have an account, log in and have fun!! You will come upon the DJ in the Fazcade, first asleep. William Afton also makes various appearances and is the murderer of the missing children. DJ Music Man is the largest animatronic you will encounter in the game. In Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, the game developer Tape Girl features as a secret instructor, whose hidden tapes are critial to the plot of the game. Glamrock Chica is often found eating and scavenging areas to eat. He has a yellow star on his chest, a metallic purple hat and bowtie, and his jaws are separated by an endoskeleton mouth and four steel bars (all the better for chomping you with), A black version of Rockstar Freddy with a red hat and bowtie and one all black eye, designed to house the Puppet and her spirit to bring them back to the Pizzeria as part of Henrys plan, A bare endoskeleton of a Freddy animatronic, A scrap monster made of various animatronics, wires, and mechanical eyes, featuring a predominantly brown and white colour scheme. in most games Players acting as night workers must use devices such as security cameras, lights, doors, and fans to protect the still furious animatronics. Nightmare Animatronics are arguably the scariest out of all the animatronics (before the Twisted Animatronics). Read on to find all the FNaF color names and images. Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aff3db2e9678eb177eb5e89ff5a7030c" );document.getElementById("b90191b810").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Where is Freddy In Space 2, or is that not a "FNaF Game"? Four years later, he was replaced by his newer counterpart, Toy Bonnie. Toy Freddy is a brown bear animatronic with a lighter coloured tummy and inner ears, with a black bowtie and top hat with a red band around it His eyes are blue, She, too, fell into disrepair, turning into Withered Chica and later being replaced by Toy Chica. Voice actor: Scott Cawthon, Charlotte Emily An animatronic rabbit, Bonnie is one of the original animatronics at Freddy Fazbears Pizza alongside Freddy, and is the guitarist of his band. The player character of the minigames is the Crying Child, and feature his bullying Older Brother. To do so, youll have to shoot targets during Montys boss fight while running away from it. In Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, there are four main animatronics: Scrap Baby, Scraptrap (William Afton), Molten Freddy, and Lefty. The first self-titled show debuted on August 8, 2014, and the series gained worldwide popularity. In Five Nights at Freddy's 4, the player character is Michael Afton, He drawing Nightmare Fredbear Logbooks in Recents Dreams. A group photo of all the characters and skins in AR up to the Halloween Event. WebThese are the characters which appear in Five Nights at Freddy's Plus, such as the physical animatronics, the humans within the story, or the characters who only appear through cameos. Appearing inFive Nights at Freddys: Sister Locationas the main antagonists, Funtime Animatronics are advanced models. Youll know shes near when the screen starts to go hazy and glitch out, meaning you need to sprint away fast! WebPopular List of FNAF Characters View source Freddy Bonnie Chica Foxy Cupcake Golden Freddy Endo-01 Endo-02 Fredbear Spring Bonnie Mike Schmidt Phone Guy Toy Freddy Hes since appeared in a wide variety of versions, as seen below. In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Jeremy Fitzgerald, this game's player character, is introduced. A decayed version of the original Freddy animatronic, An upgraded, shiny and toy-like version of Freddy, with opposable joints like an action figure and a black bowtie and hat, FNAF 2, FNAF 3, Fazbears Pizzeria Simulator, A black, shadowy version of Freddy, with white eyes and menacing teeth, FNAF 2, FNAF 3, FNAF 4, Ultimate Custom Night, A golden bear with a purple or black hat and bowtie, A hallucination of Freddy with burnt, yellowish-green fur, a missing leg, white eyes, and wires hanging from its body, A decayed, withered version of Freddy with a huge, menacing maw, lined with razor-sharp teeth, and vicious metal claws, Miniature, plush-like animatronics that resemble Nightmare Freddy, A monstrous version of Shadow Freddy. An orphan, it is likely Gregory snuck into the Pizza Plex to escape the outdoor conditions. An associated neutral bot are the access bots in front of Fazer Blast and Mazercise. The game was previously released on PC and later released on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, he frequently causes trouble for the player and shows no remorse for his actions. Will you unravel the mystery behind Vanessa, Vanny, and the rest of the animatronics in Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizza Plex? He has a red bass guitar, A decayed version of Chica missing her hands, which are replaced by tattered wires, and her arms appear to be stuck in a T-pose. Your email address will not be published. A list of Five Nights at Freddy's character action figures published since 2016 by Funko. Each figure is around 5-6 inches tall. With detachable arms and legs, they can be customized. Series 1 line consists of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Golden Freddy. Appears in: FNAF 2, FNAF 3, Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria Simulator, Ultimate Custom Night, FNAF: Help Wanted, FNAF AR: Special Delivery. DJ Music Man is the largest animatronic you will encounter in the game. Like his father, Michael Afton manages to cheat death, and at one point comes back as a reanimated corpse, acting as a human host for Ennard. Exactly such a virtual gallery of the most famous animatronics we present to all the visitors in this section. Valve Corporation. Voice actor: PJ Heywood, Vanny Rockstar Animatronics first appeared inFreddy Fazbears Pizzeria Simulator. There is way to beat Chica (briefly) and obtain an upgrade for Fazbear. As their name suggests, they are animatronic animals or humanoids created by Fazbear Entertainment and Afton Robotics to entertain children at pizzerias and fast-food restaurants (some excluded). Phantom Animatronics haunt the Fazbears Fright: The Horror Attraction (the location where Five Nights at Freddys 3 took place). Its currently the only animatronic that does not get fooled by Freddy Fazbears head. Some of the Funtime Animatronics return in the succeeding FNAF games. Michael Afton is the security guard you play as in the first FNAF game, where the animatronics mistake him for his father. Web The Dark Pictures Anthology The House of the Dead The Last Door Tattletail The Evil Within Until Dawn Watchman White Day Yomawari Yume Nikki Want your community included? He is a human-like animatronic resembling a toddler that has a propeller hat. The Daycare Attendant or better known as the Sunman or Moonman is a neutral/hostile animatronic in the game. Some of these characters, notably Scrap Baby, Shadow Freddy and/or XOR, as well as many unnamed others, were planned to be in FNaF AR as possible animatronics, but were never implemented into the game. Unlike the other major Animatronix, most S.T.A.F.F Bots will only ring the alert which will call the other animatronics to hunt you. Somehow, this animatronic has a keen sense of smell and can potentially sniff out your hiding spot, causing a game over. You can actually see her on the cameras sniffing around, as well as hear her sniffing from your spot. Each Glamrock Endoskeletons have different stats such as some may move faster than others and some slower. He has opposable joints like a toy, and is the upgraded replacement for the original Bonnie, A mysterious, completely black version of Toy Bonnie with white, glowing eyes and teeth, A monstrous version of Bonnie with charred, black fur, a hole in his chest, a red bowtie, and multiple rows of vicious teeth, Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria Simulator, Ultimate Custom Night, Pretty much an upgraded version of Toy Bonnie in appearance, Rockstar Bonnie has blue skin, pink cheeks and knees, golden stars on his chest, and a red bowtie. As his name suggests, DJ Music Man is the DJ of Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizza Plex. In Help Wanted, there were two animatronics added: Glitchtrap and the Plushbabies. She has a white bib that says Lets eat in yellow letters that are outlined in purple. She will try to pack any human into a Freddy Fazbear suit. Its encountered in the daycare and while its being friendly with Gregory, it also emphasizes a rule of keeping the lights on. A pair of small, terrifying baby-like animatronics with cunning, sociopathic tendencies who are often seen alongside Circus Baby. Bonnie is another antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddys series who is the guitarist Wind-Up Music Man is a minor Animatronic but unlike the other major animatronics, the Wind-Up Music Man will only appear inside vents and will not chase Gregory outside the said premises. The interior bodies of animatronics, endoskeletons can wreck your day due to their unique nature. Quiz by Budew See how! Its easy to see that with so many titles released, there would be a large stable of characters to keep track of. As the mascot of Freddy Fazbears Pizza restaurant, Freddy is the titular character of the series. Wondering who all of the FNAF Security Breach characters are? Im pretty sure shes plotting something, though. Voice actor: Marta Svetek, Vanessa For some reason, entering the charge station immediately ends Moonydrops search. She has two rows of teeth in her open beak, which is constantly wide open, A cutesy version of Chica with shiny, yellow skin, a coloured bib, rosy pink cheeks, and long eyelashes, shes normally seen holding a cupcake on a plate. As of the time of writing of this article, Scott Cawthons FNAF franchise has released almost ten games and spin-offs, as well as a multitude of fan-made creations. In Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, the player character was heavily implied to be Michael Afton. As well as this, in the non canon Custom Night, there were new variations, such as Bonnet and Electrobab. The Toy Animatronics are the main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddys 2. They are initially encountered in the parts and service area but after clearing the said area, these Endoskeletons will start appearing at other parts of the Pizzaplex. Shadow Puppet and Shadow BB only appear in a minigame while XOR (a shadow animatronic of Dee Dee) only appears in Ultimate Custom Night (50/20). In Five Nights at Freddy's 3, the player character is unnamed, and the "Phone Dude" plays the role of instructor in the first couple of nights. Many of these characters do make minor cameos in. Its face looks similar to a Pierrot, the staple sad clown that originated in late seventeenth-century Italian and French pantomimes.

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